BluzKat is a cool cat who enjoys all types of music but is partial to the bluesy, jazzy music that comes from New Orleans, LA.   He grew up in the deep swamps of Louisiana where he could hear music all around him in the sounds the sweet bayou had to offer.


When he was just a kitten, his father gave him his most cherished possession, his first harmonica. Bluz would carry this harmonica throughout his incredible journey.  BluzKat traveled to New Orleans, LA where he could play his music and fulfill his dream.   He finds contentment in an alley known only by the feline community as Hurricane Alley. It’s comfortably hidden behind the sights and sounds of Bourbon St.  yet close enough so that BluzKat can hear the music that surrounds his sanctuary.


He sits on his trusty garbage can with a perfect view of the moon at night, taking in the sweet aromas' that New Orleans is well known for and plays his harmonica. The local alley cats often join him for a cool jam session.


BluzKat is about to learn a life changing lesson.  He discovers with the help of some good friends that he’s not only a seasoned musician, but a teacher of music and a wonderful source of inspiration.   He also finds peace by working with charities like Pawz For Music that helps the felines in the community discover their natural talents for music.

Come join BluzKat and his friends on this wonderful journey of self discovery and musical enrichment.

“Learn to inspire, Live for the music"



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