CharleyHorse is a former training horse from the blue hills of Kentucky. He trained award winning horses and ran with the best of the breeds.

He mysteriously left the Blue Grass state of Kentucky one night and settled in New Orleans, LA where he basks in the sounds of great jazz music and spends his nights grazing on bourbon apples and delightful gourmet sugar treats made from scratch.

BluzKat and his friends soon find out that Charley is no ordinary horse. He walks with confidence and speaks only when spoken to. He firmly believes in this quote taught to him from his close confidant: “It’s best to remain seated and thought a fool than to stand and become one.

Charley possess a secret only known to one particular confidant and no one knows who that is. His close friend is the only one who can unlock the mysteries that await BluzKat and his friends as they embark on their magical journey…..




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